Menno Simons Gym Instructions

New instructions:

  1. Key fob transponder is just to the left of gym doors now.


  1. Once inside the new security panel is just to the right of the doors.  Enter the code 2014.


That's all you need to do to enter.  The hoops panel is just before the stage on the left and it is open.  The light panel is also on the left side before the stage.


Exit Instructions


  1. Turn off all lights and make sure everyone is out of the gym.


  1. Make sure the gym doors are closed before you enter the security code.


  1. Enter 2014 into the alarm system and it will give you 120 seconds to leave.  You will need to push the green exit button just below the panel.


  1. Leave the building and make sure that both doors are shut tight.



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